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.925 Sterling Silver Brotherhood RingBrothers, let me tell you about this ring. At first I wasn't sure about it's so different from other masonic designs out there. But there is something very special about it when viewed in person. The design is sophisticated and subtle, and exudes class. I highly recommend the lettering on the is so beautifully done by Bro. Andrew. Lastly, there is a noticeable energy and warmness within this ring while I'm wearing it. It is a work of art from a master craftsman.

Rated by Andrew Orcutt

Square Compass Mortality - Sterling SilverI just received my Brotherhood ring in the mail and I was absolutely thrilled with everything. You kept me posted throughout all the steps of making the ring and I was completely blown away when I finally received it. I'm anxious to see the brothers this week and show them the ring as well as the catalog that came along with it. I'm positive that they will be placing some orders in the near future, and I certainly will be placing more as well. Thanks again for the great work!!

Rated by Dennis McSweeney

Classic Signet Sterling SilverThe Classic Signet is my 5th piece of jewelry from Bro. Drew and it is spectacular. The Classic Signet is exactly that: a Classic Masonic ring. It’s a bold, straightforward design that feels strong and solid. It’s got just the right combination of classic styling with a unique touch of artistry that stands out. It’s a quality ring all the way around. I have the opal in my ring and it looks great! I think any of his stone options would look amazing in this ring. (I really like the “G” option as well so it was a tough choice. Either way, you can’t go wrong). Working with Drew is always a pleasure and I can say without hesitation that if you are looking at one of his rings for yourself or if you’re looking to purchase as a gift; this is the right place to be and you will be very, very satisfied. Always a treat working with you Bro. Drew. Take care.

Rated by Michael Wiseman

Smooth Sides .925 Sterling SilverMy Brotherhood ring arrived, silver-smooth sides w/ Alexandrite, and it is stunning. I have collected several of Bro. Drew’s pieces over the years and each one is a true work of art. Each has an inner “vibe” all it’s own and is unique in ways you will not find in mass produced jewelry. Knowing that Bro. Drew has fashioned each piece personally from start to finish just adds to the enjoyment of owning one of his rings. As always, Drew took the time to answer all the questions I sent his way. It’s just a really great way to enjoy Masonic fellowship as Brothers when choosing what you want your ring to mean to you. Just really, really cool. I have the Alexandrite stone and the way it changes color in various lighting situations is amazing. (I am color-blind and I can still tell the difference based on whether I’m inside or outside. It’s worth it.) If you are looking for your Masonic ring or piece of fine jewelry, you’ve found the right place and the right artist to make it happen. Thanks again Drew!

Rated by Michael Wiseman

The A.F.H.R. Pendant

Rated by Tom Simota

The Mortality Ring - Sterling SilverBrother Drew--I have received the Mortality Ring and I will say that I am in a state of awe and gratitude for the craftsmanship you have created. The ring emits a glorious esoteric teaching and thus provides me a reminder of living life to the fullest from a productive and spiritual standpoint.

Rated by alfredo del valle
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