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Brother Drew, I just received my Vide, Aude Tace Ring, and I absolutely love it! The craftsmanship is superior and the ring is beautiful! Thanks so much for the great work you have done. -Zach Miller

Rated by Zachary Miller

Brother Drew, I received my Vide, Aude, Tace ring yesterday and it has exceeded my expectations. The craftsmanship is superb and I am just in awe. It was a birthday present from my girlfriend, Sherri, but it also coincides with my 10th anniversary as a Master Mason. I have searched for these last ten years for the perfect Masonic Ring and at last, it is upon my finger. You are an amazing artisan who does good work, true work and square work. I will be sure to recommend The Master's Jewel to all of my Masonic Brethren here in Maryland. Thank you again for providing me with a lifelong heirloom that I may pass on to my children and grandchildren. May our Supreme Architect continue to Bless you in all that you do. Fraternally, Bro. James C. (J.C.) Davis, II Palestine Lodge #189 Catonsville, Maryland

Rated by James Davis

The ring just arrived and it's PERFECT! It fits perfectly, feels great, and is the material manifestation of what Masonry means to me. It's a reminder of my purpose on the planet and I truly appreciate your willingness to customize the piece for me. Anything else would have felt a little bit "less", but this truly hits the spiritual spot. Thanks Drew.

Rated by Kevin Houchin

I love this ring, and there is so much to contemplate through the symbols. Just outstanding craftsmanship. Thanks

Rated by Bob King

Brother Drew, approximately thirty minutes ago, the UPS driver delivered the Vide, Aude, Tace ring that I knew was meant for me when I stumbled upon your site as an Entered Apprentice. I've had it in my mind the whole time I worked through the degrees, and tomorrow morning when I get up early to go and assist in giving two Brothers their Third Degree, I will be wearing it. As others have stated, the quality, craftsmanship and your customer service are all absolutely excellent. But more than anything, the artisan look and feel of it are subtle and humble reminders that being a Brother is about infinitely more than having the right to "wear the ring". You created the ring that I'll wear to study club where the older Brothers give me a good-natured hard time for stumbling through an officer role, and the ring I'll eventually wear to my wedding and every other big and small event in my life. It is one small thing that helps connect me to history, and will now be part of my own personal history. Fraternally, Bro. Jerry Fisher Compass Lodge #120 Parkville, Missouri

Rated by Jerry Fisher

Brother Drew - My wife and I just received our rings and we are duly and truly impressed with them both! The work was top notch and, the sign of a true professional, your customer service is fantastic! I have already been able toshow of my Past Master's ring and the first thing said has consistently been "Where did you get that!" I am happy to recommend your store to any brother or sister. On a side note, I am adding a link to your website to our lodge website as a recommended vendor. I wish you continued success! Fraternally Jonathan Foster Mensasha, WI

Rated by Jonathan Foster
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