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Bro. Drew, I just received my Classic Signet ring for a Past Master. This is a work of art! We are so fortunate as Masons to have someone with your talent that we can call on for excellent and beautiful masonic jewelry. I am very pleased with my ring. David

Rated by David Moncus

Brother Drew, Slipped the Classic Signet ring #005 (the first in Gold) on my finger this afternoon. As I told you in an e-mail; the night I passed my 3rd degree proficiency my father gave me a Blue Lodge ring set with the diamond from my mothers' engagement ring...that ring is now in the safe. This ring gives me the same sense of pride wearing it; I hope that says something. This ring is a CLASSIC representation of a ring that announces the wearers' affiliation. You have outdone yourself with this ring. It, and my apron, will go to the grave with me. Thank you, Brother.

Rated by Fred Martin
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