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Brother Drew This is my third item from Master's Jewel. My wife has purchased the original Master's Jewel, the Vide, Aude, Tace Ring and now the Templar Seal Ring. All have been of superior quality and style compared to other item I have purchased from other jewelers. Moreover, The items from Master's Jewel have always brought complements from my brothers and and non-masons. Your pieces have often been conversation starters about masonry. Again you have out done yourself with my latest purchase. Doug Marley

Rated by Stephanie Marley

Brother Drew, I do not know what to say...I though your work was incredible on my Square and Compass Mortality ring, but this Templar Seal ring is absolutely beautiful. It completely reflects the emotional and heartfelt brotherly friendship and love, that is portrayed in the York Rite, but excels the importance and commitment of the Orders of the Commandery. Well done my Brother...Well done!

Rated by Scott Charles

Brother Drew, This is such a great ring! I have always wanted a seal ring. This ring is perfect! It works great as a functioning wax seal ring! You have created another wonderful piece! Thank you!

Rated by Chris Holzinger
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