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Brother Drew, I would like to let you know how much I appreciate my "Brotherhood Ring". It's bold, heavy, wide, and the coolest Master Mason ring in my honest opinion. I've looked at many different styles of rings and this is the one for me. Thank you for sharing your talent and work with "The Brotherhood". Russell K., Ohio

Rated by Russ K.

My Brotherhood ring arrived, silver-smooth sides w/ Alexandrite, and it is stunning. I have collected several of Bro. Drew’s pieces over the years and each one is a true work of art. Each has an inner “vibe” all it’s own and is unique in ways you will not find in mass produced jewelry. Knowing that Bro. Drew has fashioned each piece personally from start to finish just adds to the enjoyment of owning one of his rings. As always, Drew took the time to answer all the questions I sent his way. It’s just a really great way to enjoy Masonic fellowship as Brothers when choosing what you want your ring to mean to you. Just really, really cool. I have the Alexandrite stone and the way it changes color in various lighting situations is amazing. (I am color-blind and I can still tell the difference based on whether I’m inside or outside. It’s worth it.) If you are looking for your Masonic ring or piece of fine jewelry, you’ve found the right place and the right artist to make it happen. Thanks again Drew!

Rated by Michael Wiseman

Drew, The Brotherhood Ring is an excellent example of fine craftsmanship. I am very proud of it and have received several nice complements. The ring certainly makes a statement and conveys a quiet dignity concerning our Order. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Best regards

Rated by David Moncus
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