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The Brotherhood Ring with smooth sides in 14K White Gold. It is available with a "G", All Seeing Eye, or with the stone of your choice. The ring is shown here with an Alexandrite.

Also available as a Past Masters version, select available options.

Available Options:

"Past" Master's Insignia?:

Genuine Stones:

Ring Size:

Custom Engraving:

Dear Brother Drew: Brother \"King Arthur\" here to be the first to comment on the \"G\" Brotherhood Ring. Since My Brother Drew created this \"PERSONAL TREASURE\" I can not express the love and affection for this band of gold that now adorns my hand. About 7 years ago I lost my other band of gold that was given to me over 30 years ago from my loving wife. When I showed her this special \"G\" she said \"Well done, wear it for our next 30 years as we both travel to that distant \"East\". So, not only does it represent my love for the craft but also the my love to my Lady. Well done Brother Drew! You have become a part of our journey. You are the \"Master Mason Jeweler\" Arthur L Pingree Jr Brotherhood Lodge 1041 New York City

Rated by Arthur L Pingree Jr

Dear Brother Drew: I want to take a moment to recomend your "G" ring to anyone considering it. I should say their "G" ring because each one is unique. This ring has a mystic look to it that allways strikes up a conversation. It feels like a "mans" ring. It really reminds me of "The One Ring" and that is the type of "Magic" that I wanted to wear and look at. Thank you so much for this wonderfull piece of art.

Rated by Robert Harper
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