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A Complete Masonic Set.

The symbolism in this set is complete. It includes each of the principal working tools, The Plumb, Square and Level, as well as the Trowel, to be worn as shirt studs. The cufflinks are meant to be worn with the Moon cufflink on your left hand, and the Sun on your right. Evocative of not only the Junior and Senior Deacons, but also the Masculine/Feminine, the regularity over which you should govern your life, and the thought that every man spends his life some where between the Sun and the Moon, the moon on his left, and the Sun on his right, when he is facing South, the seat of Beauty.

Created in solid 14K yellow gold with black antique, in a genuine blue velvet gift box. The set has specially designed solid shirt stud pegs on the back and a custom cufflink design, for "french style" long cuffs, which is also solid. I designed the shapes of both of these fixtures to sit properly in the buttonhole on the breast or the sleeve, and not to have any moving parts, so they will last for lifetimes.

Each set is packaged in a genuine velvet gift box with descriptive printed inserts, with a satisfaction guarantee.




Brother Horn is to be congratulated not only for the preeminent quality of the work that he ships, but also for his business ethics. I am absolutely satisfied with the style and workmanship of this set, and I appreciate the fact that this proprietor kept me fully informed, in writing, throughout this transaction. I'll be back for more. Best regards to Masonic Brother Horn!


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