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A pair of Sterling Silver Cufflinks featuring the hand carved logo of the Foundation.

Bro. Drew...What can I say here that I have not already expressed previously but I wanted to add some thoughts for your website. The Ashlar Foundations motto "facta non verba" is especially appropriate when describing how well you practice your craft...from the moment I sent in this crazy request to create and turn around this insane order you never wavered and immediately set to task. This Foundation, influenced by my time in the craft and most significantly endorsed and supported by The Security Industry Association (SIA) (my employer), is 2 years in the making and we have been very fortunate to have attracted some very influential individuals, many fellow brothers, to this work. The genesis of Ashlar was an idea to help fund and foster initiatives that promote personal, physical, economic, and virtual security in our communities, industries, and global market places. No small idea to be sure, but it is direction and vision from which to start. Ultimately, this vision will be molded and shaped by the Foundation Trustees' collective expertise, leadership and collaboration with SIA. We commissioned this work for the Board of Trustees as a token and reminder of the work associated with the Foundation: their work, their vision, their skill. And the fact that each pin was uniquely made by a master craftsman was to reflect that each of their contributions and skill sets as Trustees will be unique but at the same time contribute to supporting the whole. My hope is that they come to associate their contributions to Ashlar not only as something that will advance higher goals but that will also work to bring personal fulfillment. Drew you have put a permanent mark on this organization and I can think of no better person to have done this work. You are a master craftsman and a master at your craft. Thank you so much. S/F- Bro. Chace

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