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With the All-Seeing Eye as a symbol of God, - and an "industrial weight" Square and Compass - The three pillars of Masonry emblematically represented by the three dots on the square, and the 5 points of fellowship indicated by small dots on the back - These pendants have been sent to Brothers all over the United States and around the world - from the United Kingdom to New Zealand.

An original design, styled to the early operative days of Masonry, before the first grand lodge was established in 1717, and jewelry was cast in blacksmith shops by self trained metal smiths.

The Original Mason's Jewel is 1 1/8" wide and tall, and each set comes with a 20" 3.5mm Diamond-Cut, "antiqued" Sterling Silver curb chain, packaged in a genuine blue velvet gift box.


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This is a great piece and an honor to wear. The picture does not capture the character of this jewel. The customer service was unbelievable and Bro. Drew is a great example of the tenets of Masonry. I have received multiple compliments from Masons and non Masons alike. Quality, Service, Square Dealing are all encompassed in the work of a true artist.

Rated by Bryan Wiggins

I just received this piece, and I love it! It really is a work of art! The picture can't truly reveal the workmanship of this pendant. Thank you so much, Drew!

Rated by Jason Winter

Drew, Thank you so much for this beautiful piece. I wear it everyday.

Rated by David Renshaw

Beautiful addition to my collection, very pleased with product and customer service! Brother Drew is top notch!! If you don't own one of these jewels I highly suggest purchasing one! Thanks Brother!

Rated by Justin Brown

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