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18K Yellow Gold.

The 18K Yellow Vide, Aude, Tace Ring. A classic metal alloy popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, with a more golden, or "orangey" hue to the metal, and 30 percent more gold than 14K.

Each ring is serial numbered and registered to its proper owner, and comes in a blue velvet gift box and with a small presentation pamphlet. Please choose your size and stone from the pop-up menus below.

Also available as Past Masters version, select available options.



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Vide, Aude, Tace:

When first contemplating a way to indicate my devotion to the fraternity I sought a piece that reflected the truly global foundations of Freemasonry, beyond just the English speaking countries. It had to be a piece of equal quality and uniqueness to my wedding ring of 22 years as it represents a similar lifelong committment to Freemasonry. Most of what I found available was frankly "gacky". Just not my taste at all. When I saw the Vide Aude Tace ring in 18 K yellow gold it represented everything I sought and more. It was old in appearance, universal and international in symbology and was a multiple reminder of my Masonic committments in one extremely comfortable piece. I was anxious that it would be too much a "here's my ring" piece but it is subtle and tasteful. The casting is beautiful in both detail and imagry with the underside also nicely three dimensional with the columns of either side joining together as one under the finger. Being able to personalize the ring with a stone of one's choice is another feature I appreciate because it allowed me to honor my wife (whose support was crucial to my successful candidacy) by using her birthstone which also interestingly enough I see as representing the Blue Canopy of Heaven. All in all there is an awful lot of imagry and spirituality in this ring and it is a very personal piece that is both beautiful and enjoyable to wear all the time. I also bought my wife the Ladie's Jewel as I believe she should be able to identify herself in some way to a brother if she is in distress and I am unable to assist her. It is another beautifuly fabricated and designed piece; both simple and elegant in sterling silver. I am proud to see her wear it and must admit she has always embodied the qualities I seek to develop as a Freemason. I would recommend Brother Drew's work to any Mason seeking a unique and very high quality piece of jewelry to reflect a personal perspective on the fraternity. Brother Drew is easy and friendly to work with and made this experience very special. Brooks Bloomfield, DVM Truckee, CA

Rated by Brooks Bloomfield, DVM

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