Masonic Movie Jewelry and Masonic References in Film and TV!

Top: The Pendant you can find on this site, from the movie "The Man Who Would Be King". It's a classic Masonic watch fob of a design I have not been able to trace. I've seen a couple of replicas of this pendant, the one I did is the closest to the orginal. In the movie it's used as a watch fob until Christopher Plummer's character gifts it to Sean Connery for his journey. It becomes a pivotal part of the plot, actually saving Sean's life. It's probably the most famous and desirable Masonic pendant I know of. If you know anything about the original pendant, where it came from, where it is today, I would love to know. In fact, I'd love to own it!

Middle, actor and Brother Buck Taylor wearing his pendant in the movie Tombstone, in a scene shortly after a large gunfight, when the gang are resting in a thicket. This guys asks Doc Holliday why he goes to so much trouble for Wyatt Earp. Kilmer says, "because he's my friend". This guys says "Heck, I've got LOTS of friends"! Rumor has it that Buck had that pendant made up by a prop artist for the movie Gettysburg, but didnt use it, and later insisted that his character wear it in Tombstone. Good Choice!! Buck, if you're out there, I know Brethren who would want one of these!

Last, the signet ring from the movie "From Hell". Every one of those men had one of these rings... It must be said, real Masons are much nicer guys. The signet ring featured in the movie, or a very close facsimile, used to be available at the British company "Central Regalia" and was featured on their website., but I'm not sure they carry it anymore. (Special Thanks to Brother Robert Huke for spotting that).


If you find other movies with good Masonic references, send me an email!