Masonic Ring

Your Masonic Ring, How to Wear It

There has always been much discussion at lodge, and on the various internet groups about how to wear your Masonic Ring. Arguments have gone on for days!

One common idea is to wear it with the square and compass opening up into yourself, or rather, pointing at yourself, so it appears upside down to the rest of the world. A Brother wears his ring facing inward to remind him of the journey he is on, reminding him in all his dealings, or the tenets of Masonry. This seems to be the most humble approach.

Another point of view, of course, (oh can see this coming) is to wear it outward, sharing the light of Masonry with the world, and proclaiming your membership in the craft. A Brother may believe that his actions speak for themselves, and wishes to create an image associated with the Square and Compasses of uprightness, true dealing, and fair judgement. By displaying this ring outwardly, he is making a commitment to himself that as others see him act they will gain a perception of the Fraternity.
But, the neatest logic I have heard so far comes from Brother Victor "Vardkes" Boyadzyan, P.M. who told me that you are supposed to wear the ring "compass - pointed" into yourself until you become a Past Master of your lodge. At which time you can turn it out to the rest of the world, as spiritually speaking, you have reached the point of Master, and have mastered the art of the Quadrant, and you may now share your wisdom with others.

So, that's the story.. wear it any way you want, as long as you wear it and act upon the square.

Masonic Ring