Great Links about the Mason's Craft:

The Millennial Freemason Blog - Insights into the Mind of a Young Freemason
McBeth Knives
McBeth Knives -Beautiful Handmade Masonic Knives
Masonology, Bro. Livingstone's Blog
The Winding Stairs, Bro. Juan Sepulveda's Blog
Interesting Masonic Philosophy and information site
Original Masonic Art by Bro. Christopher Sicurella in Germany
GREAT Masonic Music by Bro. Howie Damron
Bro. Charles Martin's Blog. Iraq, Afghanistan and Freemasonry
The Masonic Woodworker
Bro. Mike Messina -
Masonic Woodworker
Pocono PensBro. Brian Evichin - Hand Turned Pens
The Masonic SocietyThe Masonic Society
Masonic Traveler Bro. Greg Stewart's Blog
Freemasons For Dummies BlogBro. Chris Hodapp's blog - Freemasons for Dummies
Freimaurer-Wiki Beautiful Art & Images The Famous Lodgetracker Website at
A U.S. "European Concept" lodge with a great website Lodge Vitruvian, Indianapolis IN
"My Dad is a Freemason", a children's book by Bro. Richard Vang
The Tao of Masonry, a blog by Brother Tom Accuosti, Southington, Connecticut
Carl E Jones' "It's Great to Be a Mason"
The Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library of Grand Lodge of NY
Brother Jens Rusch Brother Jens Rusch, beautiful Masonic Art in Germany
ditmarsia lodge Ditmarsia lodge in Northern Germany
Working - info, ritual, speeches, books, online store
The Masonic library - All the links a freemason needs.
Freemason Information
The WEB of Hiram, a project by Bro. Robert Lomas
The -
The Temple Books
A masonic wedding ceremony at Bro. Paul Bessel's page:
The Web site of the Rosslyn Templars
The Toronto Society for Masonic Research A research lodge and website with information, resources, and links to variousrelevant sites.
A FAQ about esoteric Freemasonry:
Acacia Lodge No. 4, A.F. & A.M. - Grand Forks, ND - USA
This link in honor of our Past Grand Organist, Bro. Joseph Von Geczy
Institute for Hermetic Studies
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And of course, my own projects...

Handcrafted Masonic Ring and other Masonic Jewelry

Masonic Tattoos on display by Masons.

Handcrafted spiritual Jewelry

Studio Fiodh and our (on hold) furniture designs