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If you are new to Masonry, or would like to see a lodge and calendar, please visit the official website of my own favorite lodge:

Santa Monica - Palisades Lodge #307

If you wish admission to the Masonic Entered Apprentice section, please click here:

The Outer Porch

If you wish admission to the Masonic Fellowcraft section, please click here:

The Middle Chamber

If you wish admission to the Masonic Master Mason section, please click here:

The Sanctum Sanctorum

The images used on this page and the accompanying EA, FC, and MM pages have graphics taken from the amazing and beautiful book "Freemasonry; A Journey Through Ritual and Symbol", by W. Kirk MacNulty. This striking book is a great price at only about $15, and is packed with thoughtful interpretation of our Ritual. I highly recommend it. It is available through the Southern California Research Lodge, or through Amazon.com.

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