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The "G" Pendant

Sharp. Crisp. Clean. For the 3rd degree Mason.

This pendant, available in 14K gold, platinum, or sterling silver, is beefy, hefty, or "strong", while at the same time, dressy, bold, and stylish, obviously a modern-day Masonic piece.

1 1/16" in diameter (27mm)and about 1/8" (3mm) thick. The reverse is flat and mirror polished. Each pendant is packaged with a 20" (50cm)chain.


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The Silver G Pendant $175.00
The Platinum G Pendant $3,900.00
The 18K Yellow Gold G Pendant $2,457.00
The 14K Yellow Gold G Pendant $1,863.00
The 14K White Gold G Pendant $1,850.00
The 14K Rose Gold G Pendant $1,885.00
Result Pages:
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