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Masonic Internet Groups

Internet groups. "Masonic Secrets" are not discussed online here, but if you wish to widen your horizons and meet on the level with Masons from all over the world, these groups are a great place to start. Some are open to non-masons, while some will require your lodge affiliation information.

Brethren, please let me know of any groups that should be on this list.

  • The Freemason.com: The UK's Premier Masonic Discussion Forum

  • Masonic Light: A wide ranging group of Masons from all walks of life, and all Masonic disciplines, male, female, co-masonry. (Yahoo group), A huge wealth of knowledge, from over 800 Masons.

  • Masonic Forum of Light - To educate and enlighten people, and help to do such.

  • Masones Regulares - A "closed list" exclusive for Regular Masons - Participating regular masons are from Australia, Europe, Scandinavia, Israel, Medium Orient, North, Central and South American jurisdictions. (For Information in Spanish)

  • Esoteric Freemasonry Group:, as the name implies, dedicated to the study of Esoteric Freemasonry. Some heavy discussion with much light. (Yahoo group)

  • Philosophical-Freemasonry Group: living the life of Freemasonry, walking the path. (Yahoo group)